1. Website Content Update
  2. Product uploads (product names, descriptions, etc. provided by Client)
  3. Additional Webpage Development (Content, images & videos are provided by client)
  4. CMS Troubleshooting
  5. Debugging
  6. Promotional Updates
  7. Technical Troubleshooting
  8. Image Changes/Additions (Banner/fliers)

$ 250 per month per website.


  1. Change  in  look , feel, color
  2. Payment  gateway integration
  3. Functionality like search  feature,  login/ registration,  change  in  alignment
  4. Additional pages as per the client requirement
  5. A complete  redesigning

This is one time and cost may vary depending on the scope of work

Price range: From $350 to $ 500

Please Note:

When  client opt for  SMO service we can  create  all  social  media  pages,  design  banners,  upload banners and  fliers,  add profile  picture etc. for  free along  with  SMO activities.